Homemaking Services



Caregiver making a clients bed

Homemaking senior care services cover a variety of daily household activities and chores that your loved one may have difficulty or stress performing on their own. Our caregivers are here to ensure that fresh food is on the table, routine home maintenance is taken care of, and the house is clean and comfortable to live in.

On top of these tasks and more, incidental transportation is also available. Homemaking services are very customizable. By working with your care coordinator and caregiver, you can ensure that your loved one can rest assured that every of their needs may be fulfilled.

Caregiver helping a client grocery shop

JULIE WAS serving our country in Iraq, the Hummer rolled over a land mine. JULIE can feel everything from the neck down but list all of her ability to move. Her spirit inspires SONSHINE COMPANION CARE 'S caregivers. Julie loves to go shopping and longs to go to the Palafox market.

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