Transportation Services


Transportation Services

Smiling driver for providing transportation

At times, the right kind of care might not be inside of the home. Nor might extensive hours be needed to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met.

Our senior care transportation services ensure that you arrive at your appointment safely and on time. Other common transportation needs are shopping, pickups, and errands.

Our caregivers will assist you in getting to your location, but also stay with you for the full duration of your appointment or errand. We may also provide note-taking and reminders.

I use Sonshine for transportation two or three times per month. Any time I have an appointment, they are here on time and dependable. Someone takes me to my appointment and waits with me, then back home. I also love to shop! Sometimes I call just to get out of the houseand do some grocery shopping. Everyone they have sent is always so nice and patient. There have been a few times I forgot that I had a very important appointment. I called at 3pm the day before, and they were able to come the very next morning soI didn't have to cancel. My doctor's office charges me 35 dollars if you cancel withouta notice. I am so thankful I didn't have to pay such a large fee. Afterwards wewent to the market, and then had lunch. I love their services and wouldn't trade them for anything!

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